About Interval Ownership

It's not a timeshare.

Please don't mistake a Betterway™ Interval Ownership with owning a week in a timeshare community. The difference is significant. It’s nothing like owning rights to a certain week in a crowded complex.

Your interval ownership gives you a deeded, fee-simple title to your interval in your own private beach home and the land that it's on. You treat your interval share like the valuable asset it is. You can pledge it for financing, sell it, or include it in your will for the benefit of your loved ones.

You can finance your interval ownership.

Financing is available to help you comfortably obtain your Interval Ownership Share. Your share is a deeded fractional interest. With a fee-simple title, you can pledge your share as collateral for a first mortgage loan. You may work with your favorite financial institution, or we can refer you to one of the reputable banks that have closed loans for previous clients.

You can will your Interval Ownership Share to your loved ones.

Your interval share is a valuable real estate asset, and as such you have the power to share it with future generations. You can pass it along to your loved ones and include it in your will, allowing family to continue to create fond vacation memories for years to come. As you can see, fractional home ownership is much better than a timeshare!

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