Your Beach Home's Owners' Association

Everything's been arranged to assure success
and make vacation home ownership easy.

Now owning vacation real estate doesn't have to be a major endeavor. With folks like yourself (approximately ten partners), you share both the responsibilities and the costs of your beach home ownership and its upkeep.

To serve owner needs, we organize a unique Home Owners’ Association for each new home. It is a thorough regime based on the refinements of experience. We've thought through all the possibilities to create an ownership model that’s proven successful for many years of rewarding beach home ownership.

As a member of the Home Owners’ Association, each ownership share that you purchase entitles you to one vote out of 13. (If you purchase two shares, you are entitled to two votes, and so on.) The Association delegates its regular operational decision-making to a board of three elected members.

Another key ingredient to success comes from the expertise and knowledge provided by a top-notch local property manager. We've already prearranged for yours with a comprehensive contract assuring that all bills are paid and all repairs made. The property manager even coordinates the activities of the Association, collecting member fees and updating the ownership group.

Ourbeachhome offers you a betterway to own™ your own beach vacation real estate. We provide a proven formula which is not only reasonable and affordable, but is also designed to protect your ownership interest. Yours will likely be one of the most stunning and well-maintained homes at your beach.

We handle many of the chores and headaches of home ownership so you are freed up to relax and enjoy your time here. Everything has been prepared for you. All you need do is pack your bags, load up the family and come to your beach house.